Plastic Free July Sale

It's Plastic-Free July!

We do our part to honor the Earth by making daily, conscious decisions to create the lowest carbon footprint that was can. We're proud that 90% of our pieces are elastic-free and biodegradable. We're one of the few underwear manufacturers in the world to use zero waist and leg elastics in our women's underwear styles. We're also proud to use plastic-free packaging and shipping mailers. We want to thank you for sticking by our side over the years with a 20% off discount on all of our 100% biodegradable pieces aka elastic-free pieces. Sale ends Sunday 4/28 at midnight.

Any pieces you choose from this collection/page will automatically receive a 20% discount in your cart!

Note: All of the products we make are eco-friendly in some way. All fabrics are ethically sourced, some are made in the USA and extremely long-lasting, most are biodegradable and organic, etc. This particular sale is solely for our 100% biodegradable menswear and womenswear products. That means: no elastics, no lace, just organic comfy fabric that will last you for years and then break down into the soil at the end of it's life cycle.

Every element of our brand is focused on environmental sustainability - even down to the packaging - because it matters! When you shop with us, your order is packed in a hand-stamped, eco-friendly and plastic-free reusable muslin pouch. You'll notice you won't see any tissue paper - just your new sustainable basics tucked inside a pouch you can travel with or keep your toiletries in for years to come. Your package will hit your doorstep in a completely compostable, plastic-free shipping mailer.