Hand-Dyed Indigo

As you guys know, once the sustainable fabric we source hits our door, ALL production - from the design process to cut and sew and most of our dyeing is Made in Kansas City... by women...right in the city we're headquartered!  Pretty badass, huh?

We've once again collaborated with local Kansas City Maker, Alyx Jacobs to HAND DYE our fabrics with indigo! This color was so popular when we launched it in 2018, that we're bringing your old favorites back with a few new styles!

Indigo is the oldest fabric dye known to man, dating back 6,000 years ago in Peru. Only a few centuries back, indigo was so exclusive that only royalty and the aristocracy could afford it. The process is ancient, beautiful, time consuming, mathematic and special. Even more special, we contract our team dye artist to create this process BY HAND. Slow fashion, small batch and lower water waste. We care about all of it. Thanks for caring to support us.

More on the indigo dye process here.

**Due to natural dye and the hand dye process, every piece is different and will reflect various shades of the products in photo

**Pieces may be more muted, more saturated, have dye blemishes, etc