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Choose from over ten toxic-free custom dye colors. Your sustainable fabric garments will be one-of-a-kind, custom to you and hand dyed in-house by our team.

Organic + Biodegradable Fabrics

Underwear Donated Per Item Sold

Ethically Made in Kansas City

Making a Difference

Underwear is the most under-donated clothing item and tops the most urgent needs list at most domestic violence shelters and sexual assault clinics. It was obvious that we could help in such a simple way. Not only would underwear donations make a someone feel comfortable and clean, but would restore confidence in their everyday lives. For every item sold, we donate a pair of underwear to women and organizations in need.

In the Community

For every item purchased, we donate a pair of underwear to a woman in need in domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, rape clinics and disaster relief situations. We fulfill domestic and international urgent donation requests regularly. Through your orders, we've donated underwear to over 6,500 women in over 40 organizations and eight countries!  

Our 501(c)3 Organization

The MADI Makes Program

We train at-risk women in our city to sew through our free non-profit seamstress training program. Once trainees learn and master a lifetime job skill and then graduate from our program, our for-profit MADI Apparel hires the women to regularly sew our sustainable products as part-time payroll employees, and they're paid a living wage.

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