Outdoor Events in Kansas City

MADI Apparel Events

We're one of the few intimate outdoor concert venues in Kansas City, right in the backyard of our Westside KC flagship store! Our ever-popular backyard concert events are back! This year, we're doing a whole series EVERY Third Thursday from April to September. Lush trees, strung lights and local music set the scene...Come join the vibe!

featuring Nicki White

April 15th: Backyard Concert Series

Our ever-popular backyard concert events are back! This year, we're doing a whole series of live music in Kansas City EVERY Third Thursday from April to September.

$10 ticket (or 6 for $50) includes free drinks, live music and exclusive access to sales and pre-sale product drops.

Earth day event in kansas city

April 22nd: Swap/Shop/Mend

Time: 5:30-8:30pm

Place: MADI Apparel

This swap and shop event is free, but you must RSVP in advance to attend as attendance will be limited. Email customerservice@madiapparel.com to save your spot!

Co-hosted by: Kaylee Peile, Alyx Jacobs, Sarah Pretorius, Hayley Santell

SWAP : Bring pieces you're ready to purge from your closet, and swap with pieces that someone else brings!

SHOP: Racks of curated vintage and thrift apparel, plus huge markdowns on biodegradable MADI Apparel pieces with blemishes and imperfections.

MEND: Bring any of your personal garments that need mending (for an additional fee). Drop them off with our co-host Alyx Jacobs at the event and she will return them at a later date to MADI Apparel for pick-up, repaired and ready to wear.

featuring Broderick Jones

May 20th: Backyard Concert Series

Join us in the backyard of our Kansas City flagship store for live local music in Kansas City! Free drinks included.

(photo is of 2020 summer event featuring past performer, Israel Gore)

Poetic Justice Open Mic Night

June 24th: Backyard Concert Series

Back by popular demand, join us June 24th for Poetic Justice Open Mic Night.

This is our second year hosting this event, this time just a few days after Juneteenth. Contact us to reserve your spot to hop on the mic with poetry, spoken word, rap, song, etc.

** This is the only backyard concert series event that is not on a Third Thursday due to staff conflicts.